Values or value?

Values create value

Values are our human sonar. We orient ourselves on them, search for agreement and commonality. In this way, our values guide our actions, shape the culture and character of a company.

Source: Cord Manegold (based on studies of Shalom Schwartz, Ingwer Borg) – Value’s Diversity Value, p. 11, 2019

Together with the Manegold Values & Innovation Institute (MVII), you will rediscover your values and become aware of these hidden reserves through our approach. This enables you to increase your companies value.

Values Culture

Values are essential, they enable a life in community. If individual values find a very large acceptance within a group, social values can grow, later on eventually even social norms. The importance of individual values changes over the course of a lifetime, from personal focus at birth to social focus values in old age (see Figure), which everyone can recognize in themselves. In addition, social values have always been shaped by the most influential institutions of their time, whose power is reflected in the size of their buildings:

In ancient world and the Middle Age, these were the churches and the monarchs supported by them with their enormous statues of gods, places of worship and palaces, which established very similar commandments across all cultures.

With changing power relations, secular rulers from the people took over this role with their magnificent parliament buildings and their motifs such as "Égalité-Fraternité-Liberté", "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit” or "E Pluribus Unum".

Today, companies with their impressive corporate headquarters are substantially influencing the value imprint of societies by formulating, and establishing guiding principles. In this way, companies have a social, if not an ethical, responsibility in addition to the economic one. Companies cannot escape this responsibility if they want to inspire and win people over for themselves, their actions, or their products. 

Company-, Corporate- or "Join-in-Culture"?

Every company has a company culture, which is naturally shaped by all employees and how they deal with each other. But not every company has a corporate culture. A corporate culture is deliberately set up and exemplarily implemented by the management team. If the corporate culture manages to engage the vast majority of the employees, the company culture and corporate culture merge into a "join-in culture". Within such a "join-in culture", added value is created for everyone: greater business success, higher job satisfaction, higher work efficiency and thus more time for doing other tasks, greater customer satisfaction and higher recognition in the market. A join-in culture is a growing market advantage which is hardly impossible to copy.

The crystallization nucleus of a positively radiating join-in culture is a suitable vision, mission, and value statement. However, such statement must not only be an important element for the website but must be lived authentically. Therefore, the process of creating or revisiting such statement is crucial. The MVII supports you competently in this process.