Do you utilize your values?

Manegold Values & Innovation Institute

Reflecting on your values,
to create new value,
is our commitment

We are convinced that values are the most important catalyst available to us humans: values create new, stable connections by permanently dissolving energy draining resistances without consuming themselves. These new connections and the energy and time saved will take the performance of organizations to a new level. 

Leaders or organizations that do not know their inner values or whose inner values are not congruent to the values expressed to the outside will always remain far below their possibilities.

Based on value analyses and your own individual framework conditions, we work with you to create the basis for a culture adaptation that promotes innovation and best supports your strategy.

Our team consists of experienced managers and coaches from different industries from the Asian and European-American environment. This gives us the unique ability to make cultural changes functional as well in a global setting.

"In a workplace where performance depends on commitment, organizations must connect with the values of their employees."

(Hirschhorn, L., Gilmore, T. – 1992)