Heart or head?

Connecting intuitive emotional with logic rational thinking

The management is the head of a company, the corporate culture its heart. A successful corporate culture creates a positive emotional connection across all areas, from head to tiptoe.

Opposites play a prominent role in all our lives: whether heat or cold, pressure or relaxation, separation or mixing, black or white, fast or slow, much or little, fear or courage, hate or love, hardness or vulnerability. 

Without one, the other would not exist. And none in itself is really better or worse than the opposite, it depends on the circumstances. Those who understand how to combine the opposites and how to use degree and timing of the change inbetween them can create great things, in technology as well as in human interaction.

So, whether you break or grow on opposites depends of course on the personality, but much more on the cultural context. That is why one's own corporate culture is of such paramount importance, which often leads to success or failure of even large companies.

With the founding of the Manegold Values & Innovation Institute (MVII) in 2021, Cord Manegold wants to show connections between opposites and not only solve conflicts, but also use them successfully and innovatively. As an engineer and coach, he combines a technical approach with a sensitivity to emotions already through his Vita .

MVII Mission Statement

Vision: We explore Values, Values guide People, People inspire Companies, Companies shape the World
Mission: Making values and their value visible, connecting opposites, engaging and inspiring
Values: fairness, clarity, cooperation, innovation, trust