Insisting or institutionalizing?

Creating an environment that replaces constant demand for performance by fostering intrinsic innovation

The Manegold Values & Innovation Institute (MVII) is the living center of a network of proven experts. Its energy sources are many years of experience and constant exchange of the latest findings from various faculties. As an alumnus, our expertise remains available to you even after completion of a project.

Team working

Kyung Hoon (KH) Cho, Seoul, KR


  • Executive coach specialized in change management and leadership development
  • 25+ years of experience in product brand and sales teams management for a global tech company
  • Cross-cultural leadership experience in multi-country business environment
  • Leading change management projects and business development as a transformational leader


  • 2018 Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMC) at INSEAD, Singapore
  • 1996 MBA at Sogang University, Korea
  • 1989 English Linguistics at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea

Thorsten Selmaier, Hamburg, D


  • Executive coach and strategic consultant with a focus on Leadership & Career Development, Organizational Change and HR Transformation
  • 20+ years of experience in strategic personnel management in international mid-sized corporations in the chemical, process, and basic materials industry
  • In-depth expertise in the areas of leadership, strategic transformations as well as organizational and cultural development
  • Value-oriented and sustainable development of people and organizations through clarity, pragmatism, and experience


  • 2019 Executive Master in Consulting & Coaching for Change (EMC) at the Business School INSEAD, France
  • 2006 Certified Business Coach at the European Business School, International University Schloss Reichartshausen, Germany
  • 1997 Master in Economics at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Cord Manegold, Region Bodensee, D


  • Business coach and consultant for Corporate Culture & Change with special focus on increasing innovation capability of teams or whole organizations
  • 25+ years of leadership experience in production, supply chain, business management and management teams for listed and owner managed companies in Asia, America and Europe
  • Supported to shape and execute cross-cultural company takeover projects regionally
  • Successfully lead change management projects
  • Innovation leader including idea generation, IP strategy and commercialization


  • 2019 Executive Master in Consulting & Coaching for Change (EMC) at the Business School INSEAD, France
  • 1995 Dipl.-Ing. of Process Engineering, Germany (KIT), France (CPE), USA (MIT)

Working approach uniting us

  • We use the interdependence of innovation and value culture to create success
  • We deliver sustainable results through a factual, analytical, and efficient approach
  • We are an institute on the move, which will also generate this movement in your company
  • Our coaching and consulting approach is characterized by experience it is practical, and pragmatic

If a beam of light represents the ideas and actions of a person, then a prism is his coach. A prism can both reflect a beam of light and break it down into its components in order to make its multifacetedness more analyzable and comprehensible. It can also change the direction of the light beam in order to control its effect on the environment in a targeted manner. Without a beam of light, however, even the best prism remains ineffective. A consultant however is not a prism, but itself a beam of light that illuminates areas that you do not want to or cannot fully illuminate in a company yourself.

Services we are offering

  • Corporate culture development: adapt or rebuild vision, mission, and values statements according to your needs
  • Value coaching: value-based leadership to create openness to change to individual managers or to teams (one-to-one or group coaching)
  • Making M&A more successful: In M&A projects, we support you not only in the cointegration after the takeover, but also in the advance during the evaluation of the different cultures
  • Innovation Workshop: Increase the success of the company internally and externally by increasing the company's innovative strength
  • Team development: Improve collaboration between teams, reduce fault lines within organizations, strengthen commonalities, leading towards aligned goals, adapting to internal or external changes

Clients to whom we are fitting

  • If you want to tackle required changes in your business
  • If you want to become more successful in the long term
  • If you want to increase the inner innovative power of your company or department
  • If your company wants to rely on a good and trusting cooperation with partners of different cultures
  • If you want to revise your strategy and wish to strengthen it by a powerful value-set, to make it more targeted during implementation