Optimizing or innovating?

If you make something better, you build on the old. If you build something new, you discover unlimited possibilities

The content and type of work has shifted significantly over the last few decades, from manual work to intellectual, increasingly to emotional as well. This means that today more and more employees should be working on innovative solutions. However, innovations arise from values and joy of work, rarely from regulations or prohibitions: "Values create Joy creates Value".

The Manegold Values & Innovation Institute (MVII) is your partner to make your individual values more visible and to structure your value system. In such way an inspiring corporate culture is created which unfolds sustainable innovative strength.

Innovation culture

Most value creation processes are generally known. Anyone who wanted to set themselves apart from market participants during the last decades had to understand how to optimize these processes. Nowadays, optimization by a few experts alone is no longer enough to be successful in the market. Innovations in all areas and at all levels of a company are becoming increasingly important. 

However, the necessary culture of innovation requires a different corporate culture than the one that is widespread today: experience-hierarchy, rigid structures, docile behavior, and work-life balance. It takes more skill-hierarchy, integration, and identification, “no blame culture”, diversity with simultaneous overlapping values, a good degree of freedom and, above all, context. The world of work and way of thinking are changing from "How to make it better?" to "How to make it matter?" This blurs the boundaries between work and life, as work itself becomes a quality of life and quality of life is no longer imaginable without a fulfilling job.

Together with you, the MVII designs the right environment for you, in which your employees can fully develop their innovative strength. In workshops, we develop the next ideas together with your teams.